Supporting Clients in Recovery

We support adults and their families for whom health, mobility or confidence has become a problem as a result of accident, operation or illness. We can offer support either fully or alongside family members for as long as required.

photograph of three people demonstrating recovery
Supporting Clients in Recovery

Our approach

JL is a young mum with four school age children. She has a condition that makes her very tired, resulting in difficulty in walking far or having the energy to participate in her children’s daily life.  We work with JL offering her support in the mornings to help her and her family get ready for the day.  After just three months of this support JL now says “I feel like a mum again” “this is the first winter I have not been in hospital” “you have given me back my life”. LifeCarers can help you  gain family time, even in the toughest moments.


Our Services

Depending on our Clients’ requirements we offer a range of person-centred tailor made services:-

  • Companionship and Getting Out
  • Dignified and Personal Care
  • Practical and Comfortable Living

Each service offers a comprehensive and diverse range of activities that can take place at home or in the community for just a few hours a week or on a daily basis.