Supporting clients living in Social Isolation

At LifeCarers our “sandwich generation” struggle to balance work and children whilst supporting our wider families. Technology can help us stay in touch, but it cannot replace face to face contact. LifeCarers can help by offering individuals companionship or support either at home or out and about in the local community.

Lonely lady smiling with carer
Providing companionship

Our approach

JA is a lady living on her own after losing her husband.  She has always been very anxious and finds it difficult being on her own.  We visit her every day to help her with daily chores, but also to reassure her and deal with any problems she is facing.  Living in a village she would find it hard to mix with other people and would easily become very isolated.  Isolation can lead to depression, bad diet and eventually ill health.




Our Services

Depending on our Clients’ requirements we offer a range of person-centred tailor made services:-

  • Companionship and Getting Out
  • Dignified and Personal Care
  • Practical and Comfortable Living

Each service offers a comprehensive and diverse range of activities that can take place at home or in the community for just a few hours a week or on a daily basis.