Supporting Clients living with Dementia

We support individuals and their families who are living with dementia. By working together with families, LifeCarers can reduce the impact of dementia on daily life, enabling clients to regain the confidence and independence needed to live life to the full.

image of a lady with dementia and her carer cooking together
Supporting clients living with dementia

Our approach

JR is a lady living in a small village with really good community involvement.  She is living with the early stages of dementia but is managing well in her own home.  In order to keep her at home and safe we visit each day to ensure that she is eating well, taking her medication correctly and escorting her to appointments when necessary.  It is important for JR to visit the hairdressers every week so we take her and bring her home.  Continuing life as they have always done is very important to people living with dementia to and helps to maintain their physical and mental wellbeing for as long as possible.


SB is a gentleman living with advanced dementia. We spend three hours with SB in the afternoons to offer him stimulation and give his wife time and space to recharge her batteries.  Having time out and looking after the main carer is a must in order to keep a situation like this running well.

Our Services

Depending on our Clients’ requirements we offer a range of person-centred tailor made services:-

  • Companionship and Getting Out
  • Dignified and Personal Care
  • Practical and Comfortable Living

Each service offers a comprehensive and diverse range of activities that can take place at home or in the community for just a few hours a week or on a daily basis.