Care in the Cherwell Community

When a loved one hears the word ‘Care’, it can conjure a multitude of emotions, including the feeling of not being wanted, or even feeling a burden to loved ones.

In many situations, families do not live nearby, some work long hours or feel awkward in crossing the parent/child relationship, worrying that it will be too much of an intrusion to their parent’s pride.

At LifeCarers we understand these emotions from the individuals we care for, and the care team we employ.

Our Registered Branch Manager – Marta Wutke explains LifeCarers care philosophy:

‘Our belief is that every one of us needs to be treated as an individual, and we all have different ways of doing things and above all we have a choice’. It is also about helping clients’ maintain a dignified and independent lifestyle within their own homes, so this gives peace of mind to their families too.’

‘From our recent CQC Inspection, some of our clients were asked on their feedback. It was lovely to hear that our clients feel that peace of mind: ‘Go beyond expectations’, and that ‘Our carers really do care’.

‘At LifeCarers we provide professional and highly trained Care Assistants. Our mission is to deliver the highest standards of service and the key to our success is the way we carefully select, train and support our team. The feedback we received from our clients was we have a ‘well trained care team, who know what they are doing’.

‘So you see, you have the safe knowledge that your loved ones are been cared for, and they are in safe hands. Another daughter of our client praised the service we offer: ‘you are a lifesaver that I am able to keep mum at home’.

The full CQC report is on our website, follow this link:
Here are some of the quotes CQC obtained from our Cherwell Care Team: ‘Sometimes you forget you are a carer’, ‘Open door policy’, ‘If my mum was looking for care, I’d recommend this company’, ‘Induction & Training was very good with classroom training and shadowing with an experienced colleague’
If you would like to speak to our Care Advisor for free advice and guidance to the services we offer please contact:

Amanda Dobson on (01295) 675070 or email Amanda at

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