Why LifeCarers? By François-Xavier Bellon

A warm welcome to the CEO of LifeCarers– Mr François-Xavier Bellon

My first contact with homecare was with my aunt Fiafia who sadly lost her fight with cancer. During her illness I realised how much better service can be given to a person in this situation.

As a newcomer to the industry, my vision was to develop solutions around the whole person needs.

We defined our own Philosophy of Care: to be person-centred with two key principles:

  • Keeping clients physically, mentally and socially active
  • Communicating with clients, continuously reassuring and engaging with them.

For dependent people physical activity helps keep the body strong and the mind active which provides a boost to self-confidence. Keeping a person engaged, improves self-esteem.

The LifeCarers Mission: “to Establish WITH our Clients their independence of Life”, is based on the integration of their personal background and daily routines. Engaging Clients consent to make their routines evolve generates positive satisfaction of progress. It also helps building a relationship.

LifeCarers are about: ensuring our clients are able to live the years as opposed to simply counting them; helping Clients to maintain a positive zest for life, supporting Clients’ confidence in themselves

By improving our Clients Quality of Life, the key benefits LifeCarers are aiming to provide are:

  • Life Enjoyment
  • Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Dignity, Safety and Health

At LifeCarers the compassion and dedication of our Care Teams as well as their Loyalty are reflected with a consistent 97% clients’ recommendation rate from Clients. Giving more time and tailor-made solutions to Clients and respect to Employees should continue to be our main focus day after day.

François-Xavier Bellon

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